Between events, concerts, exhibitions and conferences, Convergence runs and manages la Maison de l’Occitanie. A place of exchange and synergy between actors of Occitan life, it gathered more than 90 associations working to promote Occitan identity.

By welcoming the public, making available a common communication service, administrative and technical means (loan of rooms, equipment, etc.), Convergence is developing a coherent and structured cultural project to promote Occitan and support the production, Occitan artistic diffusion for the promotion of Occitan culture.

Our will is to encourage a dynamic for the Occitan language and culture. Promote those actors involved in education, cultural diffusion, training, radio, music, Occitan publishing … Transmit and create to enable cultural plurality. Contribute to ethics, tolerance, secularism, living together and the dynamism of our cities and regions.

A word from the president

Al Internauta, Al legeire, Al Amic !

You are on CONVERGENCIA OCCITANA website, an association founded in 1998 by the collective will of more than forty Occitan associations….

Today CONVERGENCIA OCCITANA is made up of more than 90 associations from Toulouse, the department, or the region which work, directly or indirectly, for the advancement of Occitan language and culture… and for the influence of our “Pais Occitan”!

Since 2006 and for more than 20 years this association manages and animates l’OSTAL D’OCCITANIA. Its premises, owned by the City of Toulouse, were restored from 2001 to 2006: in a 15th century setting, the former house of Capitouls Huc de Boysson (1492) and Jean de Cheverry (1515) welcomes you in a haven of peace and culture in the heart of our Occitan capital !

In this venerable and magnificently restored space you will find associations which work there on a daily basis (teaching, cultural dissemination, publishing, professional training, music and theater, radio, video and cinema, philosophy and history. etc…)
You can also take advantages of the many activities which are free and open to everybody: exhibitions, conferences and concerts on “Jeudis de l’Ostal”, or for larger special events (birthday, music festival,
Diada of Catalonha, Journées du patrimoine etc …).

The « Tuta d’Oc », is a diffusion space which sells culturals products. This bookstore offers the latest publications in the language of Oc, while the restaurant “A Taula” will welcome you on its terrace (heated in winter!) with local cuisine where Occitan wines are always in the spotlight …

Convergencia Occitan is the place of exchanges and synergies between the many actors of Occitan life. This association is active and present in the important moments of life or the city, such as in the municipal elections, so that our elected officials and our fellow citizens know that an “Occitan look” is necessary for our region and our beautiful city to progress resolutely towards the future in the light of its ancient culture !

Welcome to Ostal d’Occitania !

News from Convergéncia Occitàna

Meeting with François Hollande

Thursday May 6, we welcomed François Hollande to the Ostal d’Occitanie. This meeting was part of a real fight for the promotion and safeguarding of regional languages.

Claims and proposals from Convergencia Occitana


In view of the upcoming regional elections, the CONVERGENCIA OCCITANA association is soliciting the main lists standing for regional elections in Occitania. CONVERGENCIA OCCITANA provides information on the teaching of Occitan, vocational training and adult language training and the media.