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Exposition - TESAURUS, paisatges d'ànima(L)


L’Ostal d’Occitania accueille sa première exposition 2021 ! Du 26 mai au 24 juin la salle Perbosc abritera l’exposition TESAURUS, paisatges d’ànima(L) de la barcelonaise Mar Novell Puig.


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La Sant Joan is an event that we wait for every years. Last year because of the sanitary situation we were not able to celebrate it all together. This year the rendezvous is taken! Saturday 26 of June lets celebrate summer and the Convivencia.

Sant Joan 2021 will be centered around shows produced jointly and alternately between young people from suburban neighborhood associations and students from Calandretas. Our goal is that every one finds or rediscovers their regional identity. All this in a festive and friendly spirit.

The program: Djé Balèti, Primaël, El Duende … and other nice surprises!

So let’s meet on June 26, 2021 at Jardin des Plantes in Toulouse, to celebrate Sant Joan 2021 together, and together take the beautiful path of CONVIVENCIA !

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