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Josette et les femmes

Inspired by women, curves, shapes and colours Josette et les Femmes invite you to discover her universe. Vintage for some, antiquated for others, Josette borrows her grandmother’s name to give it to all those she thinks of, imagines, crunches and admires. 

The opening will take place on Thursday 10 November from 6 p.m to 8 p.m. The exhibition will be present until December 10 at l’Ostal.

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Concert with Peldrút

«Peldrút, un bal touffu tout flamme.
Le vent t’essouffle, t’es soufflé·e
Le crin crache, t’accroche
Le son est sauvage
La rime turbine
Un bal au poil dru»
  Discover them on Thursday 18 November at l’Ostal d’Occitanie, 6 p.m
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   Free access but limited; booking : 

Tempo Poème

Elisabeth Aragon will present us some extracts from her last book Horizon Andalou and unpublished from Présence de l’absence in tribute to her friend Elodia Turki.
She’ll be accompanied by the voices and the singing of Richard Galbé-Delord and Eric Fraj.
   We are waiting for you on Thursday 25 November, 6.30 p.m at l’Ostal.
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Oysters and books

A Bookfair is organized on November 28 at l’Ostal from 10.30 a.m to 3 p.m with the presence of many writers.

A brunch will be offered for 15€ with two choice menus.

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Past events


Fifigrot came back to Toulouse !
An exhibition about Le Rictus Occitan took place at l’Ostal; the opening was followed  with the very first onion toss with Jacouti and Catinou.

Tempo poème

Tempo Poème, September, 30 2021 :

Casimir Prat, poet, was accompanied by the harpist Angélique Rissons and by  d’Elisabeth Aragon’s and Marie Dillies’ voices.

Jean-Claude Hébrard

On Thursday 14 October,  Jean-Claude Hébrard’s son came at l’Ostal to present his father’s play book.

Franco-german week at l'Ostal

On Monday 18 October 2021 Francis Fourcou presented us his last movie : Les portes de Stralsund.

The screening was followed with a Axel AVP concert.

Tolosa Cantèra

Tolosa Cantèra is a mixed vocal group wich its repertoire is oriented to traditional pyrenean polyphonic singing, but also singing to dance.  About twenty singers who are passionate of singing and Occitane culture meet every thursday at l’Ostal D’Occitanie with Bastien Miquèu.

   They came Thursday 21 October at l’Ostal