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Address :  CALHAU – 31450 Belbèze de Lauragais

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Phone : 05 61 81 90 18

Person to contact : Mme Françoise DAGUE-SORMAIL

In the movement of a pioneering action at the service of Occitan culture, Françoise DAGUE has created a collection of more than 230 authentic regional costumes, accompanied by 2000 pieces and accessories.

These historical documents illustrate the evolution, from the eighteenth to the nineteenth century ( 1770 to 1940 ) of the costume of peasants, craftsmen, traders, rural and urban petty bourgeoisie in central OccitaniaThis collection is based on an extensive bibliographic and iconographic collection and ethnological surveys.

To reveal this work to the public and revive these elements in an evocative way , Françoise DAGUE presents complete costumes on mannequin.

The RESSOC Association was created to enhance and safeguard this collection, develop knowledge of the costumes of Occitania and affirm their major place within the Occitan cultural heritage.

The means of action are :

– archiving of costumes and clothing items through photographic campaigns,

– the realization of film-video of costumes (3 realizations to date) with musical illustration and traditional occitan songs ,

– the realization of exhibitions ( Musée Paul Dupuy de Toulouse in 2008, Mediatheque of MURET in 2015, travelling exhibition project with the Department of Haute Garonne and the Occitanie Region),

– the production and dissemination of documents in various forms: books, leaflets, discs, video montages, reports, internet (draft website).